"The Farmer's Daughter" 2010 March Issue

"The Farmer's Daughter" 2010 March Issue
Photographed by Camilla Akrans Styled by Sissy Vian


Viviana Volpicella Fashion Spot

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Fashion Spot Viviana Volpicella

ヴォーグ ニッポンのファッション・アシスタント、ヴィヴィアナのスタイルはイタリア人らしくハッピーでとてもカラフル。

Here is a message from our friend, Viviana!

The most important thing for me regarding my outfits is the relationship with my personality. I love above all the SHIRTS: with precious fabrics like silk, or tailor-made in cotton, in a real Italian tradition...
In that picture above, I was wearing a MIU MIU orange silk shirt that I bought from its boutique in Milan few days before...and Marni pants from two seasons ago...
I buy my clothes in Milano, but also in New York during my work travels...
Yes, I always prefer to wear vivid colors (YELLOW; GREEN; ORANGE; BLUE)
I think because I'm from the south of Italy where there's always a sunny atmosphere, and also because I'm young and I'm doing the work of my dreams in fashion world.
For those reasons I feel happy and lucky, and I want to communicate with my positive energy also through my outfits...

上の写真で着ているのは、ミラノにあるミュウ ミュウのお店で買ったオレンジのシャツに、2シーズン前に買ったマルニのパンツ。

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  1. gorgeous use of colour! I miss colour it seems so absent as of late... everyone so enamored w/ black and this is truly a stunning display of colour.

  2. Yes, I truly agree with your point!
    So playful use of color, Viviana is really good at this!!
    Looking forward to seeing her own stories shortly!